What do you do with a wine cork?

Imagine you're out to dinner with clients. You've taken them to a nice place, the kind of restaurant that employs a sommelier to help you with your wine selection. It's high class all the way and you know you're going to get something delicious no matter what. Then the moment of truth arrives: The sommelier opens your bottle for you and then hands you the cork cradled inside a serviette.

While that's all well and nice, what the heck are you supposed to do with that cork? Your cheeks probably flush knowing that your clients, let alone the sommelier, are staring at you to see what you do. How do you not embarrass yourself? Do you smell it, feel it, lick it or what?

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Why Incredibly Successful People Always Do This (Never That)

The biggest barriers to success are self-imposed. Here's how to raise your bar -- and your performance -- much, much higher.

We all have limits. Some are physical. Some are mental. Some limits we simply can't do anything about.

But in most cases, our limits are self-imposed.

Here's a example of a self-imposed limit: Effort. We all have this little voice inside us that says, "I've done enough," or, "I'm exhausted; there's no way I can do more," and so we stop.

But that little voice lies: with the right motivation, or under the right circumstances, we can always do more. Stopping is actually a choice. We don't have to stop; we choose to stop. (As ex-Navy SEAL Ray Care told me, "When you truly have nothing left in the tank, you either black out, pass out, or die. That's it. Otherwise, you have more in you.") ... 

App Updates

Today we removed a pesky popover screen that was giving android user's a problem if they had not yet registered with Talloo. We also added the new popover card to the single post view, which was added to the newsfeed yesterday.

New features include the ability to click an image and have it show the entire image over the newsfeed.

We are now able to notify Talloo users in the event of a local emergency. The notification will go out to all users in the geography affected.

We added and updated your profile screen to focus on members in a business card style. It's now easier to remember faces as you see them almost life-size!

App Updates

Added a pop over card for a quick view into a member's network and ease of access to actions.

Added a Hire Me button that enables members to hire other members. 

Changed some issues with notifications. More to come on this issue as we work through some issues on Android.

Added the ability to add an additional credit card as a backup card, or update your card on your profile.

Talloo Launches Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

Just a quick note to let you know that we launched our mobile apps for Android and iPhone. We rebuilt the applications from the ground up to meet the changing needs of our members. 

Our apps are a huge leap forward. Our plan has always been to meet our members wherever they work today. Whether they access our app via the web or via their mobile device, we thought it imperative to create a meaningful and accessible experience.