Software for business networks.

Business Card

Your business card on Talloo is much more than a profile. Your business card offers you and other network members an unobstructed view into your business and capabilities. 

Much more than a resume, your business card helps tune the understanding of where you fit in the deal lifecycle, who you work with and where you typically operate. 



Introduced in 2016, The community is a feed of street-level news. Community defaults to a 30 Mile viewport, which helps networkers focus their attention on those who are local to them. The unique selector enables the member to expand their viewport to 150 Miles (nearby) all the way out to everywhere. For those who need to network in other locations, it's simple to drop a pin and instantly surface the on-the-ground news in that community.



Messages is an integrated application that enables members to message one-to-one or one-to many in private. 

Easily see when new messages exist and pickup a conversation where you left off. 

Messages helps members keep business conversation separate from other social channels for easy recall.



With Talloo Events members can easily organize and promote their next networking opportunity. Members discover new events in their local market and when traveling a member can swiftly discover and attend a local networking event wherever their day takes them.



Presently in Private Beta, Groups give members a private space to share information with a specific group of people. Within a group, people can post updates, share photos and files and organize networking events.

Groups may be private or open and can have an unlimited number of members. 

Groups will be available to all in May of 2017.



Inbox is a single place to manage all of your referrals and leads. Know when a member accepts your referral; and have it returned to you if the referee fails to respond in a timely manner. 

Inbox is a pre-funnel space to keep track of leads. 

Smart integrations with common CRM software is coming in 2017.



With search members may search throughout the Community feed. Search will recall information shared anytime in the history of Talloo about a company, person or content. 

Members may also search for other members to discover old connections and make new connections.


My Network

With "My Network" you may easily add those people who you engage with most directly into a personalized news feed. Designed to maximize your focus and minimize the noise, My Network is a powerful segmentation of content.


Network Insights

Talloo offers powerful tools and insight into your network health. The Talloo network is redefining the connection and following model to surface powerful intelligence that helps members know who to connect with and how valuable connection truly are. we factor in Trust, Helpful, and many other factors that tie together technology and human connection together.