Talloo Referral Network™ 

Many businesses including commercial real estate, construction, landscape architects, etc, rely upon referrals to grow their business. Talloo provides opportunities to meet business-to-business professionals, collaborate in private groups online and offline, and manage lead flow within the application.


Talloo Open Network™

Professionals that sell direct to consumers, including real estate agents, personal insurance and financial services will love our open networking. Open networking begins with speed-networking and is complimented by our social business application. 


Talloo, a bold complement.

The apps that support the Talloo community boldly complement the network. When networking face-to-face does not meet your hectic schedule, or your business makes it difficult to leave your shop, the Talloo app makes it possible to network with local business professionals, making discovery of new connections simple, and staying in touch with existing connections, easy.


Sometimes to take a major step forward,
you have to completely change directions.

When we began Talloo, we considered every element that defines a traditional business network. Our bold approach changes the status quo returning better, measurable, business results.

The network packs an amazing amount of power into your business. A big reason is our unprecedented business networking platform. We built everything around our industry-leading technology surfacing intelligence that helps you build a smarter referral business. We focus on the data that matters, to help you manage the top of your funnel, eliminating wasted time and vanity activity that erodes your productivity.

Talloo works by refocusing your viewport back to local. Your home location offers a 30 mile radial viewport into member contributed content. And reaching locally into other markets couldn’t be easier. One simple selector drifts you into a completely different local view of points far away. No network has been built this way before. And yet it makes so much sense, it’s hard to imagine building one any other way.


The app you'll love to use.

The app is online and accessible on your connected phone or tablet.

It’s the first place you’ll go to start your business day, but Talloo is also available on your phone or tablet. Our leading-edge technology brings the local business marketplace into focus, and it’s available in every major app store and your web browser. So wherever you go, your Talloo network goes with you.

Do you like typing in usernames and passwords? We didn’t think so.

Now when you enter your mobile number on Talloo, you get immediate access to the network without a password. Need to login from another device, type in your mobile number and we’ll text your your member number. So you authenticate once and you’re done.